Mt Everest Summit 0800 May 22 2013

SHE DID IT!!!!!!!! Edita just called! She is safely back at camp 3 after reaching the summit at 0800 this morning. Only 4 of the group made it to the top.  Please spread the good news. Edita Uksaite Nicols is the first Lithuanian woman to climb Mount Everest, from the North side no less!! ! I will give you more information in a few minutes. I need to go get some air!

Ok, I am back. Yes, she called after just getting down to camp 3.  She was waiting for some water as her Sherpa was melting some snow but wanted to call right away . She said “I DID IT, I DID IT!!!!” … “it was so technical and so scary, it was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life” (no kidding) and then she said “you know what the best thing is about it is…”….there was a pause and I said “what’s that” and she said “I will never have to do that again!”.  we both laughed.  Amazing how she could be laughing after being through one of the most challenging and dangerous things anyone could imagine. I honestly did not know whether to keep laughing or cry with joy.  I had no choice in the matter, I did both. She guaranteed me  and will return to Kathmandu on the 27th. she would come home safe. I immediately contacted her family in Lithuania to tell them the good news. We all are beyond overjoyed!


“Below is the summit list. More details of the times will come later. Phil, Margaret, Edita, Ole, Pasang Ongchu, Tarki, AngGelu, Pemba, Pasang Gelu, Lhakpa Tenzing, and Chongba. The team is expected to be back in Kathmandu on the 25th, while Phil and the Sherpas have the arduous task of packing,”

THANK YOU  EVERYONE FOR YOUR SUPPORT and especially those that gave a few bucks for her hunger campaign to help the people in the Sahel. Its not too late to chip in a few dollars.  I also need to say thank you to all my friends and colleagues or your personal support. This too will not be forgotten! Beers are on me tonight!

Mt Everest 8,848

Mt Everest 8,848


19 responses to “Mt Everest Summit 0800 May 22 2013

  1. Great News……but we also knew it all along that she would do it….Congratulations Edita…Top effort:

  2. Hi Edita, CONGRATULATIONS!!!! So focused, so strong, so lucky! With best wishes for a healthy return, Eckhard from Munich/Germany

  3. Fantastic! I got goose bumps when I read about it. It is a step up from OpEx Bravo… Congrats and take it easy going back!

  4. What an extraordinary woman! An amazing achievement. Trish and I are absolutely delighted for you, Paul and the team. Not to mention the support you’ve given for WFP’s Sahel programmes.

  5. P.S. You should come on Down Under and climb Mt Kosciuszko some day. You should find that a tad easier!

  6. Šaunuolė !!!!!!!!!!!! Super , Edita , kuo didžiausios tau sėkmės , man tai pats svarbiausias įvykis šiuo metu .

  7. Great job well done! You and Margaret are true Queens of high altitude climbers! I feel sorry to the other climbers all man but one woman, great disappointment for them I’m sure but hey, you prove something about the “weaker sex”Safe return to Kathmandu, where I hope to meet you.

    Tad (Margaret’s husband)

    • Thanks Tad, yes, they are surely a Royal pair. We seem to have both found amazing partners! Hope to see you in KTM and we can toast them together. I will get there Tuesday morning for there arrival back in the afternoon. Cheers, Paul

  8. Outstanding achievement Edita! Congratulations!!! We were following you Altitudejunkies during the past weeks as close as possible and kept our fingers crossed for all of you. Compliment to all of you succeeding to finally summit, but utmost respect to all of you that had to take the most difficult decision to not risk health and life but turn around with the summit just a few hundred feet away!!! I am Markus Roth’s brother and in the name of the entire Roth family I would appreciate you giving him a major hug, let him know that we are extremstly proud of him, that we are glad and happy that he is well and that he was part of such a great, inspiring and persistent team! Again: Maximum respect to all of you – we look forward to more details and the photos. With big appreciation, Claus P. Roth

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