May 23 – North Mt Everest Summit

On behalf of Edita, THANK YOU to those that helped by donating to the Everest for Sahel campaign and to the others who have sent their notes of congratulations! We all are still hoping for and waiting for news of a safe decent to the advanced base camp and then down to the base camp proper.

Edita coming down the North Cole

There was a lot of media out of Lituania on Editas successful summit. Also, thank you to Edita’s twin brother Petras for sending the following links and his supportive notes to me during these times. You can well imagine how relieved and happy Edita’s family are right now.

I will update everyone as soon as more news (and hopefully pictures) come in. Thank you all!


3 responses to “May 23 – North Mt Everest Summit

  1. Great effort again, congratulation, the best part of it that everyone is well and safe.
    I believe they are on the way down from ABC to BC and should be at BC about 4pm Nepal timelater today


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