Altitude Junkies remain in Everest Base Camp until Friday

Edita had hoped to catch a helicopter out of Everest Base Camp this morning, but unfortunately the one she intended to catch was transporting one of the casualties and there was no room for her. Only rescue flights are leaving, and although Edita is a logistics specialist with the World Food Programme (WFP) and is ready to take up her role distributing supplies as soon as she gets back to Kathmandu, at the moment she is safe and well and therefore not a priority.

Some teams are now leaving base camp and trekking out to Lukla, but Edita’s team, Altitude Junkies, have chosen to remain at base camp until Friday. Although tea houses are open on the base camp trail, to date no climbers have been able to leave Lukla. Accommodation is limited in Kathmandu and many hotels remain closed.

Today the Nepal Mountaineering Association released the names of 15 of the 19 climbers, trekkers and staff killed at base camp four days ago. There are so many sad stories and Edita knows she is one of the lucky ones. Waiting for a couple more days is a small price to pay.

We are keeping our fingers crossed she is able to leave on Friday and join her colleagues at WFP for the important task of getting supplies to those in Nepal touched by this terrible tragedy.

Please help if you can by donating to the WFP relief effort.


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